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What we wish to leave behind at a café goes beyond a mere disposable cup.
Our true desire is to create an enduring memory — an encounter that brings relaxation and the simple pleasures of daily life.

Therefore, from today,
SIITA decomposes disposable cups.

SIITA shattered the conventional belief that products are destined to become waste by pioneering the world's first successful realization of complete plastic decomposition. Moreover, we willingly shared our proprietary technology with the public, driven by our steadfast belief that this would propel us closer to our mission of achieving an enduring Earth. As a result, we have formed partnerships with enterprises and organizations from diverse backgrounds, boldly advancing toward the realization of genuine zero waste. Our adventure continues to demonstrate that nothing will be left behind in this world.

However, we are mindful of the fact that we still face a multitude of challenges, one of which revolves around the ubiquitous disposable cup. Undoubtedly, disposable cups stand as one of the most pressing challenges in our daily lives. Paradoxically, the great convenience and allure they offer also contribute to an escalating dilemma for our future generations. Disposable cups, with their affordability, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal, have ingrained themselves deeply in our daily existence, rendering them a formidable issue to address.

Yet, SIITA is certainly capable.

SIITA is committed to decomposing disposable plastic cups. SIITA dedicates an annual capacity of 500 tons to the decomposition of external plastic cups at its exclusive plastic decomposition facility known as Loop Station. Furthermore, we have plans to expand this capacity to 1,000 tons by the first half of 2023. Given the needs of our partners who seek the decomposition of disposable cups, we will pursue a two-track approach: decomposing biodegradable plastic cups already in use or supplying disposable cups for which decomposition is guaranteed. These decomposed disposable cups are, once again, transformed into organic fertilizer and provided to local communities. Today, disposable cups have also found their way back to nature.

Esteemed members of
the industrial community and valued customers,

At SIITA, we are steadfast in our commitment to leave nothing behind as we strive to create an enduring Earth.
We eagerly anticipate your feedback and engagement in our ongoing adventure. We are here, awaiting your response.
We hardly have anything worth preserving.

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