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makes our hometowns lighter.

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We don't want to just leave disposable cups after drinking a cup of coffee.
Rather, we want to leave memories with friends as a time of rest, enjoying our daily life.

From today,
SIITA decomposes disposable cups.

By realizing plastic decomposition for the first time in the world, SIITA changes the concept that products become waste someday. And SIITA released our exclusive technology without hesitation as we believe such decisions will help accomplish SIITA's mission, 'Keeping the earth alive.' Thanks to the decision, today, we challenge to realize true zero waste in partnership with various companies and organizations worldwide. We are proving that we are capable of not leaving anything on the earth.

However, we still face many problems to solve. Disposable cups are one of them. Disposable cups are one of the biggest problems generated in our daily life. As much as we enjoy the daily convenience of using disposable cups, the problem that our next generation has to struggle with will get greater. Disposable cups are cheap, convenient, and pretty. They were considered irreplaceable goods in our lives. And people say it is a problem that is hard to solve.

But we can solve it.

SIITA decided to decompose disposable cups. In our' loop station,' SIITA's plastic decomposition facility, we decompose 500 tons of plastic cups from other companies yearly. And we have a plan to expand the scale to 1,000 tons by the first half of 2023. According to the partners' situation that wants to decompose disposable cups, SIITA will decompose biodegradable plastic cups already in use or provide disposable cups that are fully decomposable. As mentioned above, the decomposed disposable cups become organic compost to be provided to local communities. Starting today, even the disposable cups are ready to return to nature.

Dear respectable partners and customers,

With a mission of keeping the earth alive, SIITA wants to leave nothing on the earth.
Please, let us help the earth. Let us listen to your opinions. We will wait for you to join us.
There is nothing we are allowed to leave on the earth.

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