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"The zero-waste spirit is being lost. Now it seems like it is overused along with other marketing terms. Recycling can contribute only about *5% to solving the problems due to plastic. Maybe it can reach 10% as time goes by. However, if we can completely solve this problem, we will also be able to solve our problems 100%. " From the first presentation by SIITA...


'What if plastic is not a problem anymore? Actually, plastic causes problems because it is not decomposed. But we can make it decomposed...' In one of our weekly meetings, we decided to look at the problem upside down.

Our idea was simple. Instead of struggling with the problems of plastic that have already been thrown away, maybe we can make plastic not to be thrown into the garbage can. It means decomposing plastic products and generating no waste. If it is possible, this could be the end to our problem. If there is no waste in the world, there will also be no problems caused by waste.

But we quickly faced a wall that seemed impossible to go over. It takes over 500 years for the plastic to be decomposed. It seemed like a huge problem. Everyone said that it is difficult to decompose plastic. But we knew that it was essential to making it happen.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, recyclable plastic products are only 10% of the total plastic waste. Even those 10% appear stagnant, and the rate has decreased over the past 5 years. On the other hand, the total plastic waste has increased explosively. In front of the fast-expanding problem, all the world's efforts in the past decades have gone to waste. The environmental problem due to plastic waste has not yet been solved.

To stand against the expanding threat worldwide, we needed to develop a fundamental solution related to plastic waste. In the reality that we faced, this fact became more obvious. So, it didn't take long to conclude to try once and for all.

Journey together


After the day of the decision, 'we need to solve the problem of plastic,' SIITA stopped all its production and sales of the products. And we donated part of our revenue from the remaining products to a marine ecosystem protection organization. We wanted to pour all our capabilities into the goal of solving the problem due to plastic. In front of our mission, 'Keeping the earth alive,' it was clear where we needed to head to. Like so, we became adventurers.

Solving the plastic issues and making products not turn into waste was a difficult path that no one has taken. Through an investigation survey, we understood that we have to challenge the impossible such as problems of material, the limit of technology, cost, and scale-up system. We had to walk on the path of unexplored wilderness. But we were not alone. That is because our journey was accompanied by our customers.

Right after announcing SIITA's new challenges, our customers sent passionate support. All of our enthusiastic customers filled social media with stories about SIITA. Some customers prepared articles written by themselves. Some of them even joined our studies and supported development expenses. Our customers were the planners, editors, investors, and outstanding engineers. SIITA and our customers were all together to have innovative adventures. The challenges of SIITA became a phenomenon.

Though we stopped all our businesses, we could concentrate on our research and development thanks to the customers' passionate support and help. And at last, after a long struggle, in 2021, SIITA succeeded in the commercialization of the technology that can decompose plastic completely.

Facing reality


A surprising fact is that unlike their explanation saying their plastic would be decomposed just by being buried, there was no plastic decomposed before SIITA.

To actually decompose plastic, a very special environment has to be maintained. In particular, a very high-temperature environment is important. However, its cost is very high to maintain such a high-temperature environment.

Moreover, as the size increases, the expense also increases. So, though people can use degradable plastic easily, they fail to decompose it. Nobody tried to make it possible for plastic to decompose in reality by investing cost and effort. 'We're trying to solve the environmental problems using degradable plastic': this statement was enough for them to receive applause.

The world seems to face a new possibility with degradable plastic. However, all kinds of plastics are still buried, incinerated, or washed out to the sea. SIITA team was enraged at the careless lies around the world. And we never compromised.

Innovative decomposition

Using thermal energy obtained through microbial activities, we were successful in saving the huge amount of thermal energy that is needed to decompose plastic. Through the success, the decomposition of plastic could scale up to a gigantic system, which was only possible in a small laboratory. Decomposing a massive amount of plastic that is already manufactured as products is completely a different level of achievement compared to obtaining only a theoretical possibility by decomposing tiny plastic particles in a lab. Through SIITA, degradable plastic is finally decomposed.

Furthermore, SIITA achieved a result to reduce the time taken to decompose plastic which was more than 6 months theoretically, to less than a half. Through such a result, SIITA presented a possibility of worldwide commercialization of plastic decomposition by innovatively improving the cost and efficiency needed to decompose plastic. Until now, as a pioneer in such technology, SIITA is endeavoring to increase the level of related technologies.

Through our self-developed decomposition technology, our products are completely decomposed. And those decomposed products are supplied to local communities and farms as high-quality organic compost. Moreover, it is also supplied to recover forests that are deserted by fire. At the end of the product's life cycle, a true zero waste cycle is realized to contribute to nature and humans, once again.

SIITA's decomposition technology is a technology-based innovation for the whole system, including raw materials, microorganisms, and decomposition. Such achievement is evaluated as a new paradigm to solve the expanding environmental problems. As we initially aimed, we could fundamentally stop generating waste.

SIITA's goal is to make no waste left from all consumer goods for the next generation. Therefore, our mission is not over yet. SIITA's innovative journey will continue until the problems in daily consumption, market, and society are fully solved. In September 2021, SIITA released the decomposition technology for free. And we continue our cooperative relationship with agencies and enterprises. SIITA believes such decisions will help accomplish SIITA's mission, 'Keeping the earth alive.' Also, we are so proud of being together with our customers on our journey even at this moment.

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