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generating waste in daily lives is
no longer taken for granted."

siita is the world’s first zero waste company

To prevent products from turning into waste with a fully biodegradable system.
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Decomposing materials and technology

siita uses eco-friendly biodegradable resin to make a package. The material is decomposed by microorganism when it is appropriate for composting.

The degradable container designed by siita is comprised of a single raw material and its biodegradation level is verified by an organization under the Ministry of Environment. It is also appropriate for complete composting, verified by biodegradation tests.

Used products are cleansed, pulverized and composted through

siita’s processing system and become ready to go back to the nature.
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Collected containers

Collected containers are sent to pulverizing facilities and processed.

Containers are pulverized twice to 300 micrometer unit, so that it becomes optimal for complete composting, facilitating efficient composting process.

The pulverized containers are sent to siita’s composting facilities.

The product then becomes high-quality compost without plastics and is provided to local farms and communities.

Our technology and system enables products to help humans and the environment after being used.
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During the process of complete composting

During the process of complete composting grinded containers are fully degraded in siita’s facilities and become high-quality, eco-friendly and organic compost.

The compost has passed the component tests and met humification standard, and no toxic chemicals are found, making it safe to be used as compost.

And the compost contributes to fertile soil with its abundant amount of essential nitrogen, phosphoric acid and kali.

Such achievement is the first step toward reducing billions of plastic waste in the world.
To accelerate changes, siita has already begun its journey to innovation.
One is developing degradable materials without technological and environmental constraints,
and the other is achieving carbon neutrality of degradable materials
We are conducting research with world’s greatest partners
and we believe this can help everyone contributes to making a better world in daily lives.


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