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"Products should only last temporarily
if it is meant to help the future generation."

It has been a long time ever since we had the inspiration of zero waste movement for a better tomorrow. And now we are facing imminent environmental issues that are only getting more serious.

Still, the previous declaration of zero waste, which guided us to a better direction, no longer serves its roles. The goal of zero waste is fading while losing its significance.
Various implications and movements derived from the definition of zero waste, but most of them did not serve the purpose of zero waste, which is ‘preserving resources while preventing waste,’ and ended up creating more problems.

We acknowledge that the previous definition of zero waste, ‘cutting down on waste’ , cannot lead our world anymore.
We are also aware of the clear message that what we really need, on the brink of environmental degradation and consequences of serious issues, is to reduce waste in our daily lives

siita redefines zero waste as below.
And for the first time in the world, we begin a bold journey for a better tomorrow by making achievements of managing, verifying, and biodegrading our products.

siita newly defines the zero waste as following.
And starts a daring journey for our tomorrow as the first in the world by realizing the achievement of disassemble, verify and managing the product.

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Declaration of NEW ZERO WASTE


Products no longer end up becoming waste, contributing to the environment and humans.


Zero waste achievements are verified with objective evidence.


Manufacturers take responsibility for the whole life cycle of products to achieve zero waste.

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