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Today, less than 5% of plastic worldwide is recycled. The existing approach, relying on the goodwill of a few, cannot effectively address the issue of plastic waste that is ever-growing. To overcome global challenges like plastic waste, unanimous consent from all of us around the world is essential.

Plastic possesses durability, flexibility, and at times, even beauty. This distinct blend of characteristics compels us to utilize plastic, even if there is an emergence of materials capable of instant decomposition. The predicament tied to plastic transcends its 500-year decomposition timeline. Yet, the most pressing quandary presented by plastic lies in its captivating allure.

Consequently, addressing the plastic issue involves not only decomposing plastic itself but also designing products that are more durable, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing. With more captivating alternatives available, the necessity for plastic diminishes. This stands as the sole pathway capable of achieving a global consensus without necessitating additional sacrifices, struggles, preaching, or deceit. We, at SIITA, embrace this pursuit as innovation.

SIITA stands as the pioneering global company in plastic decomposition. Moreover, we remain the only global entity with the capacity for plastic decomposition to this day. Today, SIITA’s products are fully decomposable, offering enhanced flexibility, durability, and allure compared to traditional plastic. We are resolving the paramount and intricate global challenge through methods deeply rooted in humanity: advanced technology, wisdom, art, and love. Our customers gain a sense of assurance for a brighter future solely from the enjoyment they derive from the value and aesthetics of our products. This encapsulates the core of SIITA’s innovative spirit.

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