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Sustainable Technology

SIITA continues to embark on a series of innovations across various domains, driven by our steadfast mission of realizing an enduring Earth.


Upcycling Fragrances

Ensuring sustainability in the course of sourcing raw materials is another sphere SIITA has been a trailblazer for an extended duration.
SIITA has introduced a fragrance product named "Monceau," which is the world's first fragrance product made entirely from 100% upcycled ingredients. The captivating scent and story of Monceau are derived from ingredients like aged roses and labdanum that have fulfilled their purpose.

Through this, SIITA has been able to reduce the loss rate of raw materials and significantly increase their utilization during the process of raw materials sourcing and product development. In addition, in the series of reevaluating overlooked values, we were able to share valuable lessons about expanding the realms of worth and utility.


Fragrance Liposome

All of SIITA’s fragrance products are infused with deep inspiration and potential, yet they consume very few resources in terms of ingredients.
SIITA achieved a groundbreaking feat by successfully translating fragrance liposome technology into a tangible product. This liposome technology that breaks down raw materials into micro units resulted in a reduction of a staggering fifth in the amount of fragrance ingredients required for crafting fragrance products.

In the past, creating a fragrance product with such a lasting impact required a substantial quantity of fragrance ingredients. However, SIITA's technological advancements have led to a reduction in the necessary ingredients for fragrance product production, while simultaneously deepening the inspirations evoked by these scent offerings.


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