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"A good product should not leave its waste
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SIITA cycle SIITA cycle
  •   SIITA manufactures all productsonly with eco-friendly biodegradable plastic.
  •   The used products areground into tiny particles.
  •   After the grinding process,it moves to the loop station.
  •   And they are decomposedfully within 3 months.
  •   They become eco-friendly compostand are ready to go back to nature.
  •   The eco-friendly compost isused to grow crops
  •   or restore the soil.
  •   The products born in nature go back to nature again.


SIITA manufactures product packaging with eco-friendly degradable plastic from nature. Among the degradable plastics, SIITA uses only a single material that passed the biodegradability standard by a certification authority under the Ministry of Environment. In general biodegradable plastic is not used for the reason that it has less value as a product due to its low flexibility and thermal resistance. However, SIITA could produce flexible and beautiful packaging through self-developed design and molding technology. SIITA's packaging is outstanding and excellent even compared to those made with general plastic.


Usually, biodegradable plastic is hard to grind because its material is deformed due to the high temperature in the grinding process. So, SIITA grinds the used products in an exclusive facility through two special processes. In those processes, it becomes tiny particles in the unit of 300 micros, which is perfect for complete decomposition.


The ground particles are sent to the 'loop station,' the first plastic decomposition facility in the world. And they go through the five stages of the decomposition process to be 100% biodegradable. After completing the decomposition, it goes through composting to become high-quality organic compost.

For a full plastic decomposition, SIITA uses a system that maintains an aerobic environment with high temperature and moisture and special microbial technology. SIITA was able to cut down the material decomposition period by less than half from the theoretically required period of 6 months through the technology using thermal energy from microbial activities. At the same time, SIITA dramatically increased the amount of plastic for decomposition per session to achieve a tremendous energy and cost reduction. Through this achievement, a sustainable large-scale plastic decomposition is realized.


The completed compost goes through the testing to see the compost maturity level and efficiency. None of the harmful materials and chemical components are detected in the tested compost, which makes it safe for everyone. Furthermore, the compost contains many essential components like nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium for fertile soil.

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