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"An authentic product for the forthcoming generation
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SIITA cycle SIITA cycle
  •   SIITA exclusively crafts its productsusing eco-friendly biodegradable plastic.
  •   The consumed packaging undergoes thorough grinding, reducing it to minuscule particles.
  •   These finely ground particles are directed to a Loop station.
  •   In a mere three months, a transformation occurs
  •   the package is completely decomposed, returning to the embrace of nature as eco-friendly fertilizer.
  •   It contributes to nurturing crops
  •   or rejuvenating the soil.
  •   Thus, products birthed from nature seamlessly circle back to their origins.


SIITA produces packages with eco-friendly biodegradable plastics sourced from nature. Within this range, our packages are exclusively made of a single raw material that has met the biodegradable certificate criteria set by a certificate institution under the Ministry of Environment. Often, biodegradable plastic is underutilized due to its low product value stemming from its low flexibility and heat resistance. However, SIITA is capable of crafting flexible and visually appealing packages with a self-developed design approach and modeling technology. These packages, created in this way, notably distinguish themselves from those made of conventional plastic.


Typically, the grinding of biodegradable plastics presents challenges as the high heat involved often distorts raw materials during this phase. In response, SIITA employs a unique approach to grinding the used packages, implementing two distinct procedures. Within these carefully devised processes, the packages are transformed into minuscule particles, measuring just 300 microunits – the optimal size for ensuring their thorough and complete decomposition.


The ground packages are then transported to a ‘Loop Station’, the world’s pioneering plastic decomposition facility, where they undergo a 5-step decomposition process, ultimately resulting in 100% biodegradation. Once decomposition is finished, the packages are transformed into top-tier quality organic fertilizer through the composting process.

SIITA employs an advanced system that upholds specific conditions, encompassing elevated temperatures, optimal moisture levels, controlled aeration, and a unique microorganism technology, to achieve the complete decomposition of plastic. Through an innovative method to decompose raw materials with thermal energy obtained from microbial activities, SIITA managed to slash the natural decomposition period of raw materials, which initially spanned around six months, to less than half. At the same time, our approach significantly amplifies the volume of decomposable plastic per cycle, leading to substantial reductions in energy consumption and associated costs linked to plastic decomposition. As a result, we have materialized a sustainable and large-scale solution for plastic decomposition.


The finished fertilizer undergoes ingredient inspections, assessing factors like compost maturity and efficiency. Fertilizer that successfully clears these checks ensures safety for all, devoid of harmful substances and chemical components. Moreover, it boasts an abundance of essential nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium—vital for nurturing fertile soil. In this capacity, it becomes an ally that positively contributes to nature.

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