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“We aim for endless planet earth,
and this is the only reason why we are into our business.”

The mission of siita is to save our home by ushering in a new era of zero waste.
We are proving with our customers that no waste will be passed down to future generations.

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Decomposition of Plastic

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Siita is the world’s first zero waste company to decompose plastic.
And siita continues to be the only company in the world to decompose products made of plastic.
All products of siita are fully decomposed and return to nature.


All members of siita are innovators who believe in outstanding science of dermatology. All skin care products of siita enrich our lives.


Siita envisages a better world where we achieve happiness of humans, animals, and the environment. All siita products are produced without animal experiments,making sure no one suffers for our better life.


Siita not only minimizes plastic waste, but also every waste we generate in our daily lives.
All the materials for Siita product, including box, tape, and buffer are made of recyclable paper.


Siita combines the kind will of customers, market and society, and blurring boundaries of these respective sectors.
All consumers purchasing siita products support people in need, and organizations that make efforts to change the world. You can find details about your contributions by checking siita numbers on the back of the product.
The goal of siita project is to translate our daily lives into a social project.

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Vulnerable Children


Disabled Employees


Servings of Food
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