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SIITA, Traces of Lasting Significance

SIITA is devoted to ensuring our shared home, Earth, remains vibrant and alive.

We endeavor to leave no lasting marks on the world, out of consideration for future generations,
for we recognize the select few things worth preservation.

Alongside, we capture the essence of the truly cherished values, ready to be passed on to the tomorrows.
Our narrative encompasses love and nature, wisdom, art, and the finest technologies.

You'll uncover within our story a testament to SIITA's cherished legacy.

Finest Technologies

Finest technologies can distinguish what should remain and what need not.

Plastic Decomposition

SIITA is the world-first company to decompose plastic.
Furthermore, it remains the sole global enterprise capable of decomposing plastic products to this day.
Every product of SIITA will eventually decompose completely, returning to nature and leaving only memories behind.

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Skin Care

Skin embodies a trace of our lives, and skin science represents the finest technology to preserve this moment for longer.
Every member of SIITA is a dedicated advocate and innovator of exceptional skin science.

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Wisdom and Art


Scents bring new values and inspiration, fading away without a trace.
Moreover, scents teach us without the need for words or symbols.
We recall old memories, envision the unknowns, and gather wisdom from fleeting scents that linger briefly, and then vanish.

Hence, for SIITA, scent is an integral means of recording the wisdom derived from moments and memories in life.

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Art serves as the foremost vessel for sharing the wisdom of the times.
SIITA sponsors and collaborates with artists who infuse their unique philosophy and aesthetic into their creations.
Simultaneously, we aspire for everything SIITA creates to become a part of a lasting aesthetic legacy worth enduring for generations to come.

Affection and Nature


SIITA dedicates a share of its earnings in the names of our valued customers, supporting visionary individuals and organizations dedicated to fostering positive transformations worldwide, as well as those who yearn for a compassionate gesture. SIITA’s project aims to transform the daily lives of us all into social projects.

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