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Evidence of Innovation

Intrinsically, degradable raw materials are characterized by their low flexibility, weak durability, and vulnerability to heat, which results in products that are not allure, convenient, or cheap. Previously, the concept of degradable plastic products hardly extended beyond single-use items like disposable straws. But even with this, not many people were willing to use it due to its unpleasant user experience. It was only after SIITA's products were first introduced to the world that people began to realize how the world had fundamentally changed since the existence of SIITA's products, in a way that was previously unimaginable.

All of SIITA's products undergo complete decomposition while retaining their durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. An example of this achievement is a hand cream package introduced in 2023. The hand cream package stood out, surpassing traditional plastic products in every aspect. At a single glance, it was evident that plastic had become obsolete. SIITA's present-day products not only guarantee a sustainable future but also serve as a testament to innovation through their mere presence.



It is extremely strong and robust.

If anyone has ever touched the top part of SIITA’s hand cream package, everyone will remember that initial sensation as it feels like you are touching a pebble on a summer beach. This sensation can only be felt by those who have experienced it in person.



Secondly, it is highly flexible.

The astonishing elasticity of the hand cream package’s body part consistently offers a pleasant tactile encounter, anytime, anywhere. SIITA's realization of shaping and commercializing plastic into flexible forms stands as a pioneering accomplishment in the world. The fact that degradable plastic can possess softness and flexibility signifies our potential to make meaningful contributions to our lives and numerous industries. Now we can hardly recall conventional and lackluster degradable raw materials that were prone to crumpling and never regained their original form.



The most important aspect is its beauty.

The hand cream package, designed under the concept of rekindling value, brings to mind an image reminiscent of a recently unearthed treasure. A glance at the package designed with utter irregularity reveals an absence of symmetrical elements, with varying thickness, texture, and even colors across its sections. These characteristics showcase that SIITA has already transcended technological constraints.

What are your thoughts? Does the world still have a need for plastic?

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